The Market Now Open in Yorkville

Cynthia Cheng A new grocery store has opened on Bloor and Park.  Catering to the DINK/condo crowd, the The Market by Longo’s opened on Wednesday, March 3.  The Market is a concept which Longo’s started a few years ago, opening in more urban areas of the city.  The stores are smaller than regular Longo’s supermarkets and […]

Trattoria Nervosa: The Golden Charm of Yorkville

Nhi La Summertime dining calls for lighter fare to beat the heat, and nothing is more fitting than casual trattoria dining on an open air patio.  The rich history of Italian cuisine with its numerous regional delicacies makes each trattoria experience special and unique.  On this side of the Atlantic Ocean, Italian eateries can range […]

Waterfalls Indian Tapas Bar & Grill

Michelle G. Kensington Market is known for its fresh produce and abundance of Chinese restaurants. During the warmer months, people flock to the Market, as it is affectionately called, to sit on patios, shop in the independent stores for unique pieces and gather some of the freshest and cheapest fruit the city has to offer. […]

Classic food. Tasteful decor. Cultured people.

Erin Easterbrook Italian music is lightly playing in the background of a small yet intimate restaurant. Civilized conversation is being conversed. Dim lighting is being reflected in the long and narrow, oval shaped mirrors. Fresh parsley can be smelled and for a brief moment, you may forget you’re not in Italy. Fratelli, meaning brothers in […]