Poll: Classical Music and Education

For the very last Prospere Magazine poll before switching over to DelectablyChic!, we are asking our readers: [poll id=”136″]

Comments and Proper Netiquette

This weekend, Prospere Magazine received a comment for an older post which we decided could not be published.  The comments, which referred to a restaurant review posting, were bordering on homophobic and racist as it described servers and clients in ways which Prospere Magazine does not wish to repeat.  While we respect people’s beliefs and wishes, […]

A More International, Sophisticated Perspective Needed Online

Cynthia Cheng Many blogs don’t seem to have an international perspective.  These sites, usually run by people who’re multigenerational, don’t seem to understand those who are children or grandchildren of immigrants.  Whenever non-multigeneration people posts something that multigenerationers feel is incorrect, there seems to be a reason to “correct” them.  It’s as if old culture influences is not […]

Lack of Exposure, Just Like Me Syndrome or Something More?

Cynthia Cheng The Jezebel and Big Bad Baby Names (registration required to read this board) posts about the “racist” KFC ads in Australia have me thinking.  Is the very reason that American commenters not understanding the fact that Australians did not see the ad as racist a misunderstanding or something else (just a backgrounder: the […]

Poll Results: Some Believe Being "Folksy" is OK, While Others Disagree

Last week’s question: Sarah Palin has been criticized by the public as being “too folksy.” Do you think politicians need to be more like “regular folks” or more “formal”? It’s interesting about the results. While 40.1% believe that politicians needs to be formal and that being “folksy” isn’t professional, 31.9 % believe that being “folksy” […]