Going Away, but Not Really

It seems that not too many of you are going on a REAL vacation this summer as these were the results: 28.6% said that you were going away 14.3% said that you were going away, but not too far 42.9% were only goin to spend time at the cottage 14.3% are not going away, period […]

Tiger Will Come Back This Year: Poll

The results are in. Half of you believe that Tiger will be back in time for the Masters this year, while 16.7% of you believe that he will be back later this year. Another 16.7% think he won’t be coming back to golf until next year and yet another 16.7% don’t think he’s coming back, […]

Holiday Season Starts, Yet So Much to Do!

We aren’t that surprised with this week’s results.  70% of you have not even started shopping, though 20% are nearly finished and 10% have started, but aren’t close to finishing. Where are you at?  Have you started?

Melrose Needs to Bring Back Amanda!

Last week, Prospere Magazine asked readers whether they thought the new Melrose Place would last.  Out of those of you who replied, 50% believe that it would if they brought back Amanda.  16.7% of you want to see the crazy scandals which dominated the plotlines of the original 1990s series, another 16.7% of you were […]

Disney's Marriage with Marvel Not Such a Great Idea: Readers

Last week, Prospere Magazine asked readers what they thought of the Disney’s purchase of Marvel.  While 42.9% of you chose “other,” 35.7% of you feel that the merger will lead to less creative control on Marvel’s part. 7.1% believe that the merger is good, since it’ll lead to a bigger library, another 7.1% believe that […]

Most Had Plans to Watch Mad Men's Season 3 Premiere

Last week’s poll asked if people planned to watch Mad Men’s season 3 debut.  I’m thinking the results were a little skewed this week, since it seems that only Mad Men fans voted – 87.5% of you said you watched on AMC! Of course, there were those of you who planned to watch the show […]

Poll Results: Tims Should Do Well In Manhattan

  Last week, Prospere Magazine asked its readers whether they thought that Tim Hortons, which recently opened several stores in Manhattan, would do well there. Amazingly, over half of you (at 56.3%) believed that it would – after all, there Timmy’s is already in the US market.  6.3% of you said that it’ll take time […]

Flexitarians: Some think it’s crazy, others love it

Last week, Prospere Magazine asked: Recently, many magazines, newspapers, blogs, etc…have discussed the so-called “flexitarian,” someone who is a vegetarian most of the time, but eats meat occasionally. Are you a flexitarian? 31.3% said that they’re flexitarians because while they realize that a vegetarian/vegan diet is better, they can’t completely give up meat.  Another 31.3% […]

Readers: Media Blowing Swine Flu Out of Proportion

I was actually not too surprised at the results.  While many of you (40%) are worried about H1N1 (swine flu), you also believe that the media are making it scarier than it really is.  Some of you (30%) aren’t worried at all.  Out of the remaining, 16.7% of you think this will be worse than […]

Poll Results: Only 7.1% Believe US Auto Industry Will Collapse

Last week, Prospere Magazine asked: On Sunday, GM’s Chief Executive and Chair, Rick Wagoner was asked to resign, signalling more problems with the US auto industry. Are you worried about an absolute collapse? According to the poll: 7.1% said: Yes, and it will worsen the economy.  Stocks were doing relatively well until this happened. 21.4% […]