Poll: Classical Music and Education

For the very last Prospere Magazine poll before switching over to DelectablyChic!, we are asking our readers: [poll id=”136″]

Going Away, but Not Really

It seems that not too many of you are going on a REAL vacation this summer as these were the results: 28.6% said that you were going away 14.3% said that you were going away, but not too far 42.9% were only goin to spend time at the cottage 14.3% are not going away, period […]

SATC 2: Most Don't Really Care….

…and judging from the reviews, we at Prospere Magazine are not too surprised.  33.3% of you thought that it was a crazy idea that a second movie was even made – Carrie has married Big, and that should be the end of it.  Another 33.3% thought that the whole thing sucked (surprise to us here!).  […]

Are You Ready for SATC 2?

The movie opens on Thursday, so the question this week is: [poll id=”127″]

Just The Right Amount is What We Have

Last week, Prospere Magazine asked readers whether they thought of themselves as “bra hoarders.”  Only 10% of you openly admitted that you were (and have enough to open a small lingerie boutique), while 60% of you said that you had “just the right amount.”  30% said that they had a good sized collection.

Are You a 'Bra Hoarder'?

[poll id=”121″]

Seeing Canada's Diversity was Great: Poll

  Though many media outlets have said that the Vancouver opening ceremonies were not as good as they should be, many of Prospere Magazine’s readers felt otherwise. In fact, more than half of the readers who participated in the poll, at 61.5%, liked seeing the diversity of Canada. 15.4% thought that it was okay, but not […]

Valentine's Day Plans – Mixed Results

Last week, Prospere Magazine asked its readers how they were going to spend Valentine’s Day.  It had expected that readers would say that they’d either be spending it with a signifant other (which ended up being 8.3% for those who stayed in with them, and another 8.3% for those who went out for a romantic […]

Poll: What have you done for the holidays?

[poll id=”101″]

Disney's Marriage with Marvel Not Such a Great Idea: Readers

Last week, Prospere Magazine asked readers what they thought of the Disney’s purchase of Marvel.  While 42.9% of you chose “other,” 35.7% of you feel that the merger will lead to less creative control on Marvel’s part. 7.1% believe that the merger is good, since it’ll lead to a bigger library, another 7.1% believe that […]