Students and Alumnae Raise Money through Denim Sale

Cynthia Cheng On March 5, 2009, the Toronto Area Alumnae Panhellenic and Sororities at U of T held the spring semester edition of the Charity Denim Sale.  Held at the Medical Sciences Building at the University of Toronto, the event sold premium denim at 50% off its regular retail price.  Brands available at the sale included Seven […]

Prospere Magazine EXTRA: Interview with Allison Izu Song of Allisonizu

Like many petite women, Allison Izu Song, 5’2″ was frustrated at how clothes fit her. However, as a fashion designer, Allison was able to not only hem her clothes, but also alter it in a way that it would resemble her silhouette. She also realized that other petite women were having similar issues with fit […]