California Woman Vlogs Mediterranian Cuisine

Cynthia Cheng   Can a former pre-med turned law student turned real estate broker become a vlogging chef?  Sure!  Denise Hazime, originally from Michigan, moved to Los Angeles a few years ago.  The American born child of immigrant parents from Lebanon, Denise was unable to find decent food from her heritage in LA.  She, therefore, started to make her own […]

KahriAnne Kerr: From the Farm to the Big City

KahriAnne Kerr came from a small hamlet in Iowa, about as far from the big city fashion world as one can get.  Fashion was not the top priority there.  However, KahriAnne was different.  Her creativity started to show at a very young age, something that went beyond typical “kid” things such as “making walls pretty” […]

Profile: Katherine Song, Swarovski Crystal Jewellery Designer

Cynthia Cheng Crystal jewellery designer Katherine Song graduated with a master’s degree in fashion design in China and arrived in Toronto 2000. At the time, she was working for John Bead Corp, Canada’s leading bead importer. Prior to coming to Canada, Katherine taught Fashion Design and Fashion Accessories Design at the Northwest Textile Institute in […]

Profile: Dawn Del Russo of Bella Dawn

Cynthia Cheng Like many designers and stylists, Dawn Del Russo grew up not only playing with Barbies, but also designing and making clothes for them. A little girl with a wild imagination, Dawn played “D&D Boutique” with her sister, Denise, and would sell clothes to imaginary people. They would even have imaginary crowds, lining up […]