Evening Gown Style Wedding Dresses

Although awards season has come and gone, bridal season is now in full swing. If you want to walk your own red (ahem, we mean white) carpet with style, check out this week’s picks! (click here for more from Smartbride Boutique)

From Smartbride Boutique: Asymmetrical Gowns

If you’re a bride who isn’t interested in donning the typical strapless wedding gown, but rather prefers a bit more visual interest along your neckline, the popular asymmetric neckline is a stunning choice. Whether you want it embellished with flowers, want to rock some ruffles, or prefer a simple silhouette, this week’s choices have it […]

From Smartbride: Beautiful Dresses from Pronovias!

Hi everyone! This week we’re highlighting 5 fabulous Pronovias gowns that are available on SmartBride Boutique. A Spanish brand founded in 1922, in our opinion, Pronovias gowns combine style and elegance to create special gowns for your special day. If you love Pronovias, but don’t want to spend more than $1000 on your dress, we […]