G20 Protesters Crazy and Improper

Peaceful protesters on Friday, June 20 The G20 summit has started in Toronto, and I am very glad to be NORTH of all the action.  Things are rather quiet (unusually quiet, actually) where I’m writing, but that is definitely NOT the case further south.  As of 4 pm, cop cars have been burnt (in the […]

Sad That Kids Don't Know How to Hold Cutlery: Poll

Last week, Prospere Magazine asked whether readers thought it young elementary school aged kids should know how to properly use a fork and knife (this was after seeing the second episode of Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution, where the kids didn’t look like they knew how to properly hold utensils).  It was not suprising that most […]

Ann Coulter: The Opposite of Conservative?

Cynthia Cheng Ann Coulter has received a lot of attention in Canada lately, namely because of her appearances (or cancelled ones, like the Ottawa engagement she was supposed to have).  It’s interesting.  For a woman who is against political correctness, Ms. Coulter is, in many ways, more PC than she would want to believe.  First […]

Hey! You're 30! Time to be a Grown Up

What’s with “kidults” today?  I don’t necessarily mean those who’re approaching 30 and still living with their parents, but those twenty-somethings and thirty-somethings who actually act like they’re still undergraduates.  I know a few people like this.  After work, they go out to clubs or parties, often several times a week.  These are not networking […]