Style, Success, Sex and the City

T.U. Dawood Women of Influence marked June as the month for Style, Success and Sex in the City.  They celebrated the release of Sex and the City 2 with an exclusive showing of the film and a speech by Natasha Koifman, Canada’s premier publicist.  They then invited Bonnie Fuller, media mogul, to come from New […]

Non-English Majors and the Publishing Industry

Back in the day when I was looking for a full time work, I was astounded that publishing jobs tend to look for either journalism or English majors.  I can understand why they prefer someone with a journalism background, but English?  Why aren’t other liberal arts majors listed?  I find it interesting that HR would […]

Barbara Hunter: From Broadcasting to Print

Barbara Hunter, founder of London, Ontario’s lifestyle magazine company, Your Magazines Canada Inc., has been in the media industry for many years.  Growing up, Barbara was facinated by radio.  AM radio was still very common when she was young – many of the top 40 stations, which are now part of the FM system, were on AM.  […]

Making it in High Heels Launch

Cynthia Cheng Making it in High Heels, an uplifting and inspiration collection of writing by women held its launch party at C Lounge in Toronto on August 25.  The book, which is published by Burman Books, was written by 39 women from all over North America and its stories are comparable to the Chicken Soup […]