House of Hsueh Clutches: Great Accessories, Great Gifts

Cynthia Cheng One thing that many brides are thinking about is what to get their bridesmaids as a thank you gift.  For me, the choice was pretty easy.  The first thing I thought of were House of Hsueh bags.  Hand-made by Toronto-based designer, Benita Hsueh, they are very versatile and can be used as small purses […]

Card Cache Keeps Them Together

Remember punching a hole on your student ID card in university and wearing it around your neck with your keys?  Now you can live it all over again with Card Cache, a pretty key chain which also holds your cards together.  All you need to do is punch a hole on the corner.  Card Cache […]

Not So Delicate This Spring

Sommer Hampson Who says spring always has to be about pastels and flowers? Spring 2010 promises to change the way women are dressing and give them an edge all their own. This season is full of ways to rock out while still looking chic.  With distressed denim, 80’s inspired muscle tanks, and one piece jumpers […]

Sarah Shaw Keeps it Simple

Born in New York and raised in the Bay Area, Sarah Shaw worked as a costumer for the entertainment industry prior to debuting her own line.  One of her earlier companies, Raggs to Order, a made-to-order costumer, provided wardrobe for many big-budget Hollywood productions.  After creating a felt pink bag in 1998 which received a great deal of attention, Sarah launched Sarah […]

Pego Wallets an Bags: Affordably Cute!

Nursing grad Laura Braun has been interested in sewing since she was about seven years old. Influenced by her mother and grandmother, she eventually started taking sewing lessons.  One of her first projects was a draw-string bag, and this eventually led to creating complete outfits.  However, sewing was eventually put onto the back burner.

Fashion Flips For Versatility and Practicality

Karen Kowelaski and business partner, Darcy Messenio launched Fashion Flips, a line of practical, fashionable bags in 2005.  Though their early creations focused on reversibility, but as they became more experienced, they realized that their pieces needed to be more versatile – women want practicality, after all. 

The Art of the Kimono Bag

After returning to Australia from living in Japan, designer Donna Webster wanted to share the exquisite beauty of Japanese traditional dress, especially that of the Uchikake, worn only by brides or for a stage performance.  The result is Kimono Collection, a line of bags launched in 2006 and created from Japanese wedding kimono, leather and Australian […]

Meow with Envi for Dressed Up Cat

Dressed Up Cat is a line of handbags created by bag lover, Tracy Penwell.  Growing up with two older sisters, Tracy grew up with “recycled fashion” (read: hand-me-downs) and she also did not have issues with vintage.  In 2005, Tracy started to embellish her vintage bags, giving it a more unique look.  First, Tracy decorated […]