T Spot at the Bay, Queen Street

Cynthia Cheng When most people my age think of dining at the Bay, they think Arcadian Court, probably because they had their prom there.  But down in the lower level of the store, tucked behind the appliances section is the T Spot and Great Cooks (The Bay, Queen Street has another Great Cooks on the eighth floor, kitty […]

Frocktail Party: November 12, 2009

Gorgeous dresses and amazing drinks and nibblies were all just part of the event that was the Frocktail Party, which supported the Juvenile Diabetes Research Fund.  Watch for more pictures and a detailed article out in our next issue!

Toronto Jewellery Designer Gay Isber will have you calling out 'POUR SOME SUGAR ON ME'

Lisa McDonald First off, I think your designs are beautiful. How did you come to the world of jewellery design? Bought some beads at a store closing sale years ago brought them to Canada.  My husband at the time was a TV nut.  I brought out the box of beads to play with something while […]