Poll: Most Readers Will Give to Haiti

Last week, Prospere Magazine asked readers whether they’ve donated money to Haiti’s earthquake relief. Out of all of you who participated: 30% said that you’ve already donated, as Haiti is in shambles right now 20% did research prior to donating 20% have not, as they are worried about funds not going directly to the people […]

Have you donated to Haiti?

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The Soap Opera and the Resist for Change

Earlier this week, CBS announced that it was cancelling its last Procter & Gamble sponsored soap, As the World Turns later this year.  Guiding Light, the longest running soap in history (dates back to the radio days) will also be leaving television.   There will be  only six traditional afternoon soaps left on television.  People just […]

Prospere Magazine and Isobella Jade on the Bella Petite Hour!

Last week, Prospere Magazine and working petite model, Isobella Jade took part in the Bella Petite Hour, hosted by Bella Petite Magazine editor, Ann Lauren.  This weekly show where Ann talks to people ranging from designers who focus on petites to petite women who are in the public eye and more, brings to the public, petite-related issues.  Body […]

Barbara Hunter: From Broadcasting to Print

Barbara Hunter, founder of London, Ontario’s lifestyle magazine company, Your Magazines Canada Inc., has been in the media industry for many years.  Growing up, Barbara was facinated by radio.  AM radio was still very common when she was young – many of the top 40 stations, which are now part of the FM system, were on AM.  […]

Cynthia's Thoughts: AP Didn't Know they had a YouTube Channel

I wasn’t going to write a Cynthia’s Thoughts today, since it’s a holiday, but I just found out (probably a few days too late) about this on TV. Yeah.  Some people at the Associated Press didn’t know that they had an official YouTube channel until a small Tennessee radio station was asked (incorrectly) to take […]

Obama's Inauguration: Watched on Television More than "New" Forms of Media

Last week’s question: Where did you watch the Obama inauguration? It seems that most of you watched it on television, at 64%.   Some of you were more modern – you watched it online (at which site?  CNN?  MSNBC?  FOX?  BBC? CBC?  Other?), though it was a very distant second at 16%.    Some of you were […]

Where did you watch the inauguration?

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Don't Talk and Drive? Even Hands-free? – Poll Results

Last week’s question: Many jurisdictions have banned or are looking at banning the usage of hand-held devices while driving. Should they go further and ban hands-free devices as well? Last week’s poll results were very surprising. 33.3% of you felt that talking on the phone, even on a hands-free device, needs to be banned.  However, […]