Evan Biddell Shopping Event: November 26, 2009

Season One Project Runway Canada winner, Evan Biddell (below, centre) held his “End of a Decade Sale” at Chasse Gardee on November 26, 2009. The event featured a window display by multimedia artist, Jol Thomson (see video above. Also pictured on the right below), whose show will be at the Gibsone Jessop Gallery in Toronto’s […]

“Petite” Contestants Hit Next Top Model

This cycle of America’s Next Top Model features contestants 5’7″ or shorter.  In the modelling industry, unlike the rest of the world, “petite” is 5’7″ or shorter (opposed to 5’4″ or shorter). Since most of the contestants are between 5’5″ and 5’7″, as a petite woman, I would call them “average height” opposed to “petite.”  There […]

Jon and Kate Should Really Go

Exactly half of you, at 50% believe that the show really should go off the air. After all, it’s nothing but a mess now that they’re ending their marriage.  It isn’t Jon and Kate.  It’s Jon MINUS Kate!  However, 18.2% of you believe that the show must go on.  After all, there’s a contract they have […]

Poll: Should Jon & Kate Continue?

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Poll Thought Susan Boyle Would Do Well in BGT

Last week, Prospere Magazine asked its readers whether they thought Susan Boyle could go all the way.  Most readers thought she would go all the way (at 33.1%) and another 31.6% thought she COULD (but there’s a lot of competition).  26.3% of you said that it’s pure luck that she made it to the finals, […]

Poll Question: Will Susan Boyle Win Britain's Got Talent?

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Excuse me, are you…:The Look-a-Like Auditions

Cynthia Cheng Last week, I sat in on auditions for the sixth season of the television show, Look-a-Like, where regular, every day people who at least somewhat resemble celerities are given make-overs to look more like said celebrity.  In other words, this isn’t really a competitive reality show like the Idol or Next Top Model. There isn’t a competition […]

Celebrity Apprentice: Did Joan Deserve the "win"?

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Daryn Kagan and Debbie Travis are Their Own Bosses

Ladies Who Launch, an organization which provides resources for women to start their own businesses, held its Be Your Own Boss (BYOB) event on Saturday, October 4. This was an event where women who have businesses or are planning to start their own businesses could network with others like-minded people. In addition to networking, participants […]