Prospere Magazine's Five Worst of the Decade List

As the decade draws to a close, Prospere Magazine has come up with a list of what it thinks are the five worst things of the 2000s (outside of the recession, natural disasters, middle east issues and 9/11 – these belong in their own categories): The Flip Flop:  A total fashion DON’T of the 2000s Flip flops as streetwear: Flip flops […]

Hollywood Only Wants the Dough….They’re Not REALLY laughing at us

It seems that many (36.4%) of you believe that Hollywood is there to make money, not to laugh at (18.2%) or with (9.1%) society. At the same time, another 36.4% of you thought it was other. Personally, I feel that movies in the past 10 years have somehow been “dumbed down.”  Many movies (especially big budget pieces […]