Inaugural Frugal Fashion Week A Success

Cynthia Cheng Frugal Fashion Week, which opened on Thursday, July 23 with an event for media, was the work of Gillian Downes, a Toronto-based publicist.  The purpose of the four day event was to stimulate the retail economy West Queen West, a part of the city with many small boutiques, selling both big name brands […]

Cynthia's Thoughts on the Recession Coming to an End

Depending on who is speaking, the world is either in a deep recession, or is gradually coming out of one. They say that Europe and the United States were the hardest hit. This wasn’t like the mini-recession we had earlier this decade during the dot-com bust.  This recession hit more industries and had a much bigger […]

Poll Results: Only 7.1% Believe US Auto Industry Will Collapse

Last week, Prospere Magazine asked: On Sunday, GM’s Chief Executive and Chair, Rick Wagoner was asked to resign, signalling more problems with the US auto industry. Are you worried about an absolute collapse? According to the poll: 7.1% said: Yes, and it will worsen the economy.  Stocks were doing relatively well until this happened. 21.4% […]

What’s old is now new again – how fashion can become a real passion again

Jess Ireland You know we’re in a recession when Vogue – the bottom line in luxury and extravagance – is touting the idea of recycling what’s already in your closet. Mind you, the magazine might refer to a closet full of pieces from past Ralph Lauren and Gucci collections – but their heart is in […]

Poll Results: Recession Not Ending That Soon

Last week, Prospere Magazine asked its readers: US Federal Reserve chair, Ben Bernake, believes that the recession could end by the end of the year, if everything is properly stablized. Is he too optimistic? A third of you (33.3%) believe that Bernake was only saying this so that people wouldn’t be too worried.  Another third […]

Poll: Will the Recession End Soon?

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Canwest Media: Suffering the Recession like other Media

Canwest Media Inc. (TSX: CGS and CGS.A), one of Canada’s media giants, is based out of Winnipeg, Manitoba.  Founded in 1974, the company owns several specialty channels, including E! Canada, Global Television (its main network channel) and Food Network Canada.  It also owns a conservative newspaper, The National Post and the broadcasting portion of Alliance Atlantis.  Like most […]

Poll Results: Valentine's Day Going to be the Same for Most

Last week, Prospere Magazine asked its readers: Are you celebrating Valentine’s Day differently this year, due to the recession? 35.7% of you said that your celebration plans have not changed, that you’re going to be the same as previosu years.  21.4% of you said that you were going to be cutting back by not going […]

Recession Valentine's Day: Celebrating Differently this year?

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Toyota: Down but not Out

The automotive industry has not had a good year.  American brands are near bankruptcy and even Japanese cars, which have had success over the years have seen a dip in sales.  Toyota (NYSE: TM) is no exception.  In 2008, Toyota saw red for the first time in decades. However, this isn’t to say that Toyota […]