SATC’s Universal Theme of Friendship (and Fab Fashion, Too)

Cynthia Cheng Sex and the City 2 opens in theatres across North America this Thursday.  While there are plenty of women who are looking forward to dressing up to the nines to see this movie with their best girlfriends, there are also those who are going to abstain.  Many women find the movie not only […]

Smart, Sophisticated City Dwellers and Interracial Unions

Cynthia Cheng Interracial couples are “happenin’” in cities across the country.  According to this Toronto Star article, 5.1% of all city-dwelling couples were interracial, while 0.5% of all non-city people were.  Vancouver has the most mixed relationships, at 8.5%.  The city factor is not surprising, since demographically, minorities are more likely to live in cities […]

What Year Is It? Louisiana JP Won't Marry Interracial Couple

In 1967, the Supreme Court in the US struck down laws which barred interracial marriage (though some states had these laws in their books as late as 2000 – they were useless, however, since federal laws trump state laws).  Fast forward 42 years and you still find people who don’t want mixed couples to marry.  This […]

Dave Poll: People Will Tune In!

Last week, we asked you whether you thought the current David Letterman scandal will hurt his ratings.  Over 45% of you (at 45.5%) felt that more people will tune in to see what he has to say.   18.2% of you feel that ratings will drop because people DON’T like sleazy talk how hosts while 9.1% of […]

Letterman and Ratings: Will it go UP or DOWN?

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If They Talk About "Trophy Wives," why not "Trophy Husbands"?

The article about Asian “trophy wives” in the latest edition of Marie Claire got me thinking about “trophy wives” in general (regardless of ethnicity).  Why don’t publications, especially magazines and websites aimed at women, talk about “trophy husbands”?  When there is discussion about women who are with younger men, it’s the cougar (Yes, women who are in relationships with […]

Cynthia's Thoughts: Some Guys Really Are From Mars

How rude is it if a guy tells a woman he doesn’t know about his relationship issues? For example, three guys, whom we’ll call Mike, Dave and Ben, are deep in conversation at a bar. They’re talking about Ben’s intention of sleeping with a girl he’s seeing. OK. But Mike and Dave want your opinion, […]