Patio Dinner with the Family

Sunday is Father’s Day!  What are you going to get your dad?  Rather than an at-home barbecue dinner, perhaps the entire family would go out to a restaurant with a nice patio.  No casual outfits for this dinner!  Here’s an outfit that you might want to wear: Patio Dinner by shortystories featuring ASOS shoes Princess […]

Miami the Healthy Way

Lynn Burshtein Vacationing in Miami Beach can be a decadent affair, filled with sun-bathing and clubbing until all hours of the night. Finding healthy food at South Beach’s trendy restaurants is a challenge and shopping the numerous boutiques – to paraphrase Carrie Bradshaw – might be one’s only form of cardio there. But with the […]

Majestic Mountains: Red Mountain Resort & Spa

Lynn Burshtein If happiness were a colour, it would be the colour of Red Mountain – more specifically the russet-hued rocks located in St. George, Utah on the northeastern tip of the Mojave Desert. Its epic scenery surely makes this one of the more picturesque places on earth. Indeed, it is as if the area […]

Ste. Anne's Country Inn & Spa: A Castle in the Country

Lynn Burshtein   Those seeking to escape the hectic pace of city life in favour of peace and tranquility need look no further than Ste. Anne’s Country Inn & Spa. Situated in a 19th Century fieldstone castle among the gentle rolling hills of Northumberland County (a mere 90-minutes outside of Toronto, accessible by car or […]

Swellwomen Surfing & Yoga Retreat

Lynn Burshtein The word “swell” can refer to an ocean wave generated from a distant source, or, in more common parlance, a description of something fantastic. For Me-Shell Mijangos, founder of the Maui-based surfing & yoga retreat, Swellwomen (along with its co-ed counterparts, Swell Co-ed), the dual meanings of the word complement one another. A […]

Urbana Coffee in Toronto

Cynthia Cheng Starbucks, The Second Cup and Timothy’s World Coffee aren’t the only game in town anymore.  In 2007, Toronto saw a new game in town.  Urbana Coffee, which currently has two locations in the downtown area (near Bay and Wellesley and and at Yonge, just north of Bloor) offers coffee and other drinks for […]

Don't Sweat the Small Stuff

Beth Schael There is a saying that I have heard many people tell me all too often, “Don’t sweat the small stuff”. Yes, the primary focus of this saying to not worry about the small stresses that come in and out of your life. Not so literally, you do not have to sweat in order […]

Turning Necessities into Luxuries

Lisa Mcdonald  As I mentioned to a co-worker that I was going to the dentist that day, she told me how much she dislikes going there.  I went on to tell her that I loved it.  Just the thought of lying back in a recliner chair for an hour with people fussing all around you […]

Travel: Wine Spas in The Americas and Europe

Robert Haynes-Peterson There are times I wake up feeling if my skin is oozing wine, or whichever spirit I inhaled at the previous night’s soiree. Now luxe spas in vine regions around the world are actually offering wine and vine-based treatments, providing a healthier definition of “booze soaked.” As more and more destinations-from Walla Walla, […]