A CASE for the iPhone? What?

In a press conference on Friday, Steve Jobs announced that people with iPhones are eligible to get a “protective case” which will help solve the signal problem.  Yeah, that’s a good one, Steve.  A free case (until September 30).  And they apparently can’t make enough for everyone within the quarter, anyway.  Oh, the worst part?  […]

Cell Phone Companies and Customer Service

My fiancé’s cell phone isn’t working properly. In fact, I believe he thinks it’s cursed.  It automatically hangs up mid-conversation, sometimes immediately after he picks up.  This has been an on going issue since last year, just weeks after he purchased the phone.  He has had to send the phone back to  the manufacturer twice because […]

Rogers: More Than a Triple Threat in Canadian Media

Rogers Communications (TSX: RCI.A, TSX: RCI.B, NYSE: RCI) is one of Canada’s largest communications companies, owner of television, radio and print publications as well as providing service to Internet, cable and phones.  Early concepts of the company started in the 1930s when Edward S. Rogers, Sr. was given an early television licence, but the company did […]

Second Cup: Canada's Lifestyle Hangout?

Second Cup (TSX: SCU.UN-T) was founded in 1975 in Toronto. It is seen as the Canadian answer to Starbucks, especially in the east and central regions of Canada, although many people seem to prefer the latter. There are currently over 350 Second Cup cafes in Canada.  There are also cafes in international locations. Like its […]

BREAKING NEWS: Rogers slashes iPhone prices…but only for a limited of time

According to a Canadian Press report, Rogers will be cutting the price of the iPhone to $30/month for anyone who activates their iPhone prior to August 31.  On September 1, regular prices will once again apply. The iPhone goes on sale in Canada this Friday, July 11.  The phone will only be on sale at […]

iPhone finally launches in Canada – but no unlimited data plan

The iPhone launches in Canada this Friday and people are already up in arms about the charges. Canadians are not going to experience the unlimited service that Americans and British get. Through Rogers, the only crrier to service the iPhone in Canada, requires a three year contract. This is one year longer than the United […]