Mind Your Manners: Don't Be Late!

Kyle Bernstein At a large cocktail party, arriving one hour after the time stated on the invite is considered “fashionably late”.  Turn up twenty minutes past the prearranged time of a doctor’s appointment, though, and you’re likely to lose your spot and may still be asked to fork over the co-pay.  There are occasions when […]

Mind Your Manners!

Kyle Bernstein Now that we’ve covered the fundamentals of proper etiquette based on respect for others – being pleasant and sincere, awareness of your surroundings, thinking before you speak, speaking when spoken to, acting appropriately, and saying “please” and “thank you” – let’s delve into the world of bad manners. 

No Duh…Kanye's an Idiot

Prospere Magazine is definitely NOT surprised that over half of you (62.5%!) thought that Kanye’s VMA interruption was rude (and that he needed help), though we WERE surprised that few of you thought that it was part of his branding (at only 12.5%). Another 12.5% of you don’t know who Kanye is.  There are also […]

Poll: Joan Should NOT have won

Last week, Prospere Magazine asked its readers whether they thought Joan Rivers deserved to win this season’s Celebrity Apprentice.  It was no surprise that more than half of you (54.1%) believed that Joan did not deserve the win, since she was extremely rude, especially to the runner-up, Annie Duke.  Some of you, at 13.1%, thought […]