TTC Apologizes, but it's NOT ENOUGH!

Cynthia Cheng According to the Toronto Star, the TTC (Toronto Transit Commission) is apologizing for the so-called “missteps” of the past little while.  They are apparently going to increase the number of fare machines, improve customer service, install better microphones at fare booths among other things (including overhauling and retraining staff – training is definitely […]

Toronto's Transit is OLD SCHOOL!

We all know it.  The 416’s transit system is way behind the times, even of the surrounding 905 suburbs.  Yet, right now, all we can do is sit around and complain – because the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) people are doing nothing about it.  Instead, all they say is that they “don’t have the money.” […]

Fashionably Savvy Naturally Petite

Cynthia Cheng I recently had the opportunity to speak with Sharon (5’0″), Bonita (5’1″)and Cheryl-Anne (5’3″), three sisters who run Naturally Petite, a store in Richmond Hill, Ontario which specializes in the petite woman 5’4″ or shorter and between a size 0 and 18.  The sisters actually do not come from a fashion background – prior to opening the […]