Best Dragon Seafood Cuisine

Cynthia Cheng Just north of the 416 border is perhaps one of York Region’s hidden gems.  Best Dragon Seafood Cuisine, a Chinese restaurant located in a mall on 100 Steeles Avenue West, serves traditional Cantonese fare in a unique fashion.  Some of their banquet/set dinner dishes aren’t found anywhere else, and a lot of thought […]

Prince Edward Island: A Tiny Island with a Huge Heart

Sabrina Ramnanan Coining Prince Edward Island The Gentle Island was no arbitrary decision. This quaint Canadian province can enchant even the most city-frazzled Torontonian. Known for its delicious seafood, Anne of Green Gables, lush green golfing courses, gorgeous beaches and cozy B&Bs, this little island should be on your destination list.   For a real taste […]

The Eatery: Where Creativity and Sushi Meet

Simon Miller Sit in the Eatery and try not to stare at everything around you.  From the six foot long papier-mâché shark, octopus, and super hero hanging from the ceiling, to the hiply dressed servers, to the interesting food being served to the table beside you, everything is unique.