SATC 2: Most Don't Really Care….

…and judging from the reviews, we at Prospere Magazine are not too surprised.  33.3% of you thought that it was a crazy idea that a second movie was even made – Carrie has married Big, and that should be the end of it.  Another 33.3% thought that the whole thing sucked (surprise to us here!).  […]

SATC’s Universal Theme of Friendship (and Fab Fashion, Too)

Cynthia Cheng Sex and the City 2 opens in theatres across North America this Thursday.  While there are plenty of women who are looking forward to dressing up to the nines to see this movie with their best girlfriends, there are also those who are going to abstain.  Many women find the movie not only […]

Are You Ready for SATC 2?

The movie opens on Thursday, so the question this week is: [poll id=”127″]

Sex is Back in the City*

T U Dawood It’s been four long years since the iconic HBO television show Sex And The City went off the air in 2004, but our favourite New York quartet of femme fatales living the high-flying life is back, this time on the silver screen. Women around the world saw bits of themselves in these […]

Carrie and Aiden, not Carrie an Big (or Berger or The Russian, etc…)

Last week’s question: Another Sex and the City Poll: In your opinion, who was Carrie’s soulmate? 60% said Aidan

Sex Can Wait….for a few days, anyway

Last week’s question: Sex and the City: The Movie opens in North America on May 30. Any plans to see it? It looks like most of you are going to wait…..for a day or two, anyway… 55.5% said: Yes, but maybe later that weekend or the following week.

Harry Goldenblatt and Steve Brady: The Unideal Ideal Husbands of SATC?

Cynthia Cheng When Sex and the City made its debut on television 10 years ago, nobody thought that Charlotte and Miranda would end up marrying their respective husbands. Harry Goldenblatt and Steve Brady just didn’t “fit” with what women like Charlotte and Miranda wanted. However, the women still found that there was something about them […]

Rumour Has It: Kim Cattrall to do Stratford?

According to a Toronto Star article dated May 21, the answer is, maybe. Yes, people, it’s very possible that you’ll Ms. Cattrall play Cleopatra in the 2009 Stratford Shakespeare Festival season. More details as they’re released. I do wonder, though, if Ms. Cattrall worries at all about being type cast. Cleopatra is kind of similar […]

Prospere EXTRA: Carrie and Big – Not a Relationship of Equals

Cynthia Cheng It’s hard to believe that Sex and the City: The Movie will open in theatres two weeks from today. It’s been four years since we last saw “the girls.” The plot has pretty much been kept hush-hush since filming last fall, but blogs have been going crazy about the movie’s storylines since the […]