‘Guy’ Foods and ‘Girl’ Foods

Cynthia Cheng The Toronto Star published an article today which discusses the “gendering” of foods.  For example, guys are typically more interested in foods that are meat-concentrated (such as steak and potatoes or spaghetti and meatballs) while women prefer foods that are more veggie-centric.  Though women would likely eat spaghetti and meatballs, men are less likely […]

Doesn't Ottawa Have Anything Better to Do?

Cynthia Cheng They want to change the lyrics of O Canada, claiming that “in all thy sons command” is sexist.  Honestly, I can’t believe Ottawa would even suggest changing such a thing.  This is not a “real” issue that needs to be dealt with right away.  It’s just words.  It’s not an official document that […]

Cynthia’s Thoughts on Mad Men – Nostalgia it is NOT!

For the past several months, everyone has been talking about Mad Men, now in its third season on AMC.  The show has won several awards and are up for more at this weekend’s Emmys.  This has even led to a comeback of some early 1960s styles and AMC has a guide to the era’s cocktails.  […]

Cynthia on Women-Only Hotel Floors

There was a time when women staying alone in hotels stayed on women’s floors or in women-only facilities.  Things have changed in the past few decades, but it looks like the woman-only floor is may be making a comeback, according to a Globe and Mail article.  Many women stayed on women-only floors or hotels in […]