Companies Should Use Models of Varying Sizes Rather Than Employees

It seems that nearly half (at 40%)of you thought that companies like LOFT should have used professional models of varying sizes, rather than their employees.  At the same time, 20% thought that they should have taken professional pictures, rather than snapshots that looked like they came from a cell phone.  Also, 10% thought it was […]

The Use of Non-Models as Models: Good Idea?

Answering to a Facebook poster’s request to see an item on different body types, LOFT recently posted pictures of its employees wearing the same style of cargo pants.  The employees, which varied on body type and height led to a burst of posts online.  Therefore, this week, we are asking you: [poll id=”131″]

The Media and the So-Called 'Plus Size' Model

Cynthia Cheng They’ve been in the news a lot these days, the so-called “plus-size” model.  And usually, commenters say that these women “don’t look plus.”  Well, of course they don’t.  Models like Crystal Renn, who is 5’9″ and a size 12, are still model-height.  The average woman, who is a good four or five inches […]

Shopping in Hong Kong

Wow…what can I say?  Shopping here is a recreational sport.  From high end malls like Pacific Place, IFC and The Landmark (where practically every store is something you’d find on Fifth Avenue or Rodeo Drive) to local markets, you can anything and everything.  Ranging from local brands to internationally known ones like Zara, Kate Spade and Vivienne Tam, shopping doesn’t […]

Sar Couture by Sarah Nicol: Custom Made Clothing For Every Woman

Fashion was something Sarah Nicol was interested in all her life.  As a child, she would be watching fashion-related TV shows while other kids were into cartoons. Later, as a teenager, she decided that she wanted to create a line of clothing which would be custom-made so that it would look good on every woman, regardless of shape or size.  […]

Cynthia's Thoughts on Ann Taylor Discontinuing Certain Sizes

I like Ann Taylor.   They’re one of a few stores in North America which do not carry petites sizes geared towards people my mom’s age, and I congratulate them for that.  However, on Wednesday, I found a note on my Facebook wall.  Ann Taylor will no longer be carrying 00P in their stores, just like […]