Can it BE more Addictive? The New Blackberry Torch and Operating System

  Crackberry addicts beware, a new Blackberry is about to launch.  The Blackberry Torch, Research in Motion’s latest device, is its first sliding keyboard device.  In addition, it comes with a brand smacking new operating system, which will also be competable with existing devices like the Bold (both 9650 and 9700) as well as the […]

Prospere Magazine's Five Best of the Decade List

What are the five best things this decade?  Considering that much of this decade has been a bit on the tacky side to Prospere Magazine, it was actually easier to come up with five worst things than five BEST things!  However, we were able to come up with the following: USB Drive: One of the […]

40% Meh on the Google Phone

Out of those surveyed last week, 40% of you are Blackberry users and don’t really care too much about the Google phone.  20% don’t think it’s going to “kill” the iPhone, since Google doesn’t have the iTunes advantage.  Another 20% believe that it’s just more competition.  10% think iPhone sales will drop significantly (since everyone […]

Google's Smartphone: iPhone Killer?

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Don't Talk and Drive? Even Hands-free? – Poll Results

Last week’s question: Many jurisdictions have banned or are looking at banning the usage of hand-held devices while driving. Should they go further and ban hands-free devices as well? Last week’s poll results were very surprising. 33.3% of you felt that talking on the phone, even on a hands-free device, needs to be banned.  However, […]

BREAKING NEWS: Rogers slashes iPhone prices…but only for a limited of time

According to a Canadian Press report, Rogers will be cutting the price of the iPhone to $30/month for anyone who activates their iPhone prior to August 31.  On September 1, regular prices will once again apply. The iPhone goes on sale in Canada this Friday, July 11.  The phone will only be on sale at […]

LATE BREAKING NEWS: iPhone coming to Canada!

Toronto’s 680News has just reported that Apple’s iPhone will finally launch in Canada (carrier will be Roger) later this year. No release date has been announced, but will definitely be some time this year.  No price has been announced either.  Could this be bad news for RIM?  Stay tuned for more information.