Estée Lauder Puts Women's Best Faces Forward!

  Estée Lauder is hosting a series of social networking related events across the country, with the most recent one held in Toronto at the Holt Renfrew store on Bloor Street.  Participants get a complete make-over by a make-up artist, and then a professional photographer will take their picture for uploading on social networking sites […]

e-Art in the Park

Readers OK with 'Older' Relatives on Friends List

ILast week’s question asked whether you “friended” older relatives on social networking sites you participated in.  Half of you, at 50% said that you did.  I guess we’re a mature bunch here (LOL)!  14.3% of you said that you’d never do it – you don’t want to know about their lives, nor do you want […]

Christa Chambers-Price Helps Innovate and Develop Careers

Ann Arbor, Michigan’s Christa Chambers-Price is the managing director of and its parent company, Chrysalis Interactive, both companies, both which help people develop their businesses. focuses on developing careers through coaching, mentoring and leadership.  They even have an upcoming event which helps participants find new jobs or career paths.  Called The Reinvention Project, this is a […]

Poll: Do You 'Friend' Older Relatives on Social Networking Sites?

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Part Ten: Who’s Your Buddy? Social Networking and Personal Branding

Kyle Bernstein Social networking sites like FaceBook and MySpace are a great way to catch up with long lost pals and show the world what you’re up to.  They’re a fun distraction when you need to break away from the grind, and a bit of entertainment when you’re on hold with a client, or stuck […]

Poll Results: Tweeting Not for Prospere Magazine Readers?

Last week, Prospere Magazine asked its readers if they tweeted.  The answers were actually quite surprising!  45% of you said that you didn’t use Twitter – you don’t want people to know every aspect of your life (but many of you guys are on Facebook, though…besides the 140 character limit, is there really a difference […]

You and Twitter: Do you Tweet?

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EXTRA: Facebook's Change in their Terms of Service – UPDATE – Terms Reverted

UPDATE: Looks like the customer IS always right.  According to the Facebook Blog, they have returned to its PREVIOUS TOS. They have also started a group where users  can suggest ideas of what they might want to include in an updated TOS. Prospere Magazine has learned that social networking site, Facebook has changed its Terms […]

Meet the Wedges

We Are Wedges, a line of plush toys, complete with a backstory and online comic book, was launched by creator, Benita Hsueh the spring of 2008.  Inspired by shapes, Benita created a line of wedge-shaped people and creatures, featuring Brie the Wedge, her boyfriend, Walter and a host of other characters, including their pets, Gwen and Beck, who […]