Crazy Anti-Immigration Dude in Downtown TO

Last week, I came across a man on the corner of Yonge and Bloor.  He was wearing a huge sign which said “Imigration Violates My Human Rights.”  Yes, he spelled “immigration” incorrectly.  The guy didn’t look all that educated, and was, for the most part, ignored.  A woman did approach him, but soon stomped away.  […]

Sophistication Only Valid When Honest: Poll

Last week, Prospere Magazine asked you whether you thought good polish and sophistication was important for politicians and would-be politicians (considering that Rob Ford, one of the LEAST well-bred politicians (or at least gives off the vibe as such) is running for Mayor of Toronto).  Though no one (sadly) said that it was extremely important, half did say […]

'Good Polish' Important for Politicians?

With Rob Ford, who is generally perceived by the public as being unsophisticated and lacking decorum, now catching up in the polls in the Toronto elections, we at Prospere  Magazine  are asking readers: [poll id=”130″]

Toronto Mayoralty Debates – May 11, 2010

Cynthia Cheng Habitat for Humanity’s CEO, Neil Hetherington (far left) with the candidates The mayoralty debates, hosted by Habitat for Humanity, occured at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (OISE) on May 11.  The featured topic this evening was affordable housing.  In Toronto, there are many families who are on waiting lists to get into public […]

Toronto Mayor Candidate Proposes Subways

Cynthia Cheng Sarah Thomson, candidate for Toronto’s top job in the municipal elections this fall, held a press conference at the Fox and Fiddle this morning, announcing her transit ideas if she became mayor.  Ms. Thomson believes in subways.  With the climate that Toronto has, streetcars/Light Rail Transit (LRT)  just doesn’t work.  And not to […]

A More International, Sophisticated Perspective Needed Online

Cynthia Cheng Many blogs don’t seem to have an international perspective.  These sites, usually run by people who’re multigenerational, don’t seem to understand those who are children or grandchildren of immigrants.  Whenever non-multigeneration people posts something that multigenerationers feel is incorrect, there seems to be a reason to “correct” them.  It’s as if old culture influences is not […]

Opinion: Good Transit Vital for a Sophisticated City

Prospere Magazine webitor-in-chief, Cynthia Cheng believes that so far, none of the major mayoralty candidates are giving off a vibe that they believe the city needs to be better polished.  Maybe they just aren’t interested in being sophisticated?

TTC Apologizes, but it's NOT ENOUGH!

Cynthia Cheng According to the Toronto Star, the TTC (Toronto Transit Commission) is apologizing for the so-called “missteps” of the past little while.  They are apparently going to increase the number of fare machines, improve customer service, install better microphones at fare booths among other things (including overhauling and retraining staff – training is definitely […]

Toronto's Transit is OLD SCHOOL!

We all know it.  The 416’s transit system is way behind the times, even of the surrounding 905 suburbs.  Yet, right now, all we can do is sit around and complain – because the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) people are doing nothing about it.  Instead, all they say is that they “don’t have the money.” […]

Today's Young People: Wild, Yet Sophisticated?

Queen’s University’s recent cancellation of Homecoming Weekend for the next couple of years shows that in many cases, today’s young people are wilder than the twenty-somethings have ever been – the cancellation was due to the wild after-parties held just off campus.  While the crazy homecoming incidents are predominantly the fault of outsiders, people who […]