Not Soccer Fans!

I am a little surprise that half of you said that you aren’t soccer fans at all. I thought that there’d be fewer (though I have to admit that I don’t really watch it myself).  On the other hand, 16.7% each said that you’d be watching it because you are major fans or that you […]

World Cup Starts This Week: Will You Be Watching?

This one’s for the soccer fans and those who’re not…it’s related to the World Cup… [poll id=”129″]

Tiger Will Come Back This Year: Poll

The results are in. Half of you believe that Tiger will be back in time for the Masters this year, while 16.7% of you believe that he will be back later this year. Another 16.7% think he won’t be coming back to golf until next year and yet another 16.7% don’t think he’s coming back, […]

Poll: Were You Watching Hockey?

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Toronto hockey fans celebrate Canada’s gold medal win at the crossing on Yonge & Bloor.  Every time walk signs are on at all four corners, people run into the middle of the street, waving flags!!

When is Tiger Comin back to Golf?

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Poll: Did you see the Winter Olympics Opening Ceremony?

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Phoenix and the NHL – Poll Results

Close to half of you (45.5%), felt that the Phoenix Coyotes should stay in town, rather than move to another city, as they have a contract to honour.  At the same time, 36.4% thought that the team should go, since the team isn’t doing well financially AND it isn’t in a city that is really […]

Cynthia's Thoughts: Hockey Hype in Hamilton

They have Facebook groups, websites and petitions.  They’re on Twitter.  Lots of people want the NHL to go to Hamilton.  Things have grown since word got out that RIM co-CEO, Jim Balsillie wanted to purchase the Phoenix Coyotes and bring it there.  This of course, isn’t the first time someone’s tried to bring a team there.  […]

What Would You Like to See in Prospere Magazine?

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