G20 Protesters Crazy and Improper

Peaceful protesters on Friday, June 20 The G20 summit has started in Toronto, and I am very glad to be NORTH of all the action.  Things are rather quiet (unusually quiet, actually) where I’m writing, but that is definitely NOT the case further south.  As of 4 pm, cop cars have been burnt (in the […]

Tim Hortons To Expand Internationally

Cynthia Cheng Now that Tim Hortons has set foot in Manhattan, it is looking to go elsewhere in the world, including Asia.  The question, of course, is will it do well there?  Doughnuts, or at least, the doughnut that we commonly associate with people in law enforcement, are not commonly found in Asia, not even […]

The Market Now Open in Yorkville

Cynthia Cheng A new grocery store has opened on Bloor and Park.  Catering to the DINK/condo crowd, the The Market by Longo’s opened on Wednesday, March 3.  The Market is a concept which Longo’s started a few years ago, opening in more urban areas of the city.  The stores are smaller than regular Longo’s supermarkets and […]

Culture Shock? Nope, Not Really!

  Many first timers to Hong Kong come here to expect a huge culture shock.  These people, especially ones from more larger, urban centres are often pleasantly surprised to find out that this isn’t really the case.   Hong Kong’s culture in 2009 is quite westernized, likely due to habit, modernization and its colonial past (i.e. the exotic, […]

The Science of Partying at the Innovators' Ball

Cynthia Cheng On April 30, 2009, some 800 people joined honourary co-chairs, Ben Mulroney and his wife, Jessica Brownstein at the Ontario Science Centre  for the LG Innovators’ Ball to raise money for its community access and outreach programs.  The event, nicknamed “Femme Fatale” and inspired by the new exhibit, The Science of Spying, was attended by a […]

Starbucks: In Trouble, But Still a Way of Life

I was going to profile another company this week, but I recently heard that Starbucks (NASDAQ: SBUX) and a few other coffee joints are doing some sort of special this week (at least in Canada).  Starbucks, for example, is giving away free coffee on Earth Day (April 22) to anyone who brings his or her own […]

Cynthia's Thoughts: Starbucks Coffee

Cynthia Cheng To many people, Starbucks is a way of life. You get up in the morning, get dressed and walk down to your nearest shop for that grande latte that you always have, and off you go to work. Some even use Starbucks as their office! Starbucks is so much a part of North […]