Immigration Sob Stories Boring and Not Interesting

Cynthia Cheng Why is it that every story the media report on regarding immigrants has to be borderline depressing?  It’s always about not being able to find jobs, or kids not fitting in.  Going as far back as movies like the Jazz Singer, the immigrant child always has some sort of culture clash with the […]

Minding Your Manners – Listen Up

Kyle Bernstein Being a good friend means being an empathetic ear.  Coincidentally, expert and active listeners also make excellent spouses, managers, employees, and relatives.  People that listen well are easy to talk to and put the speaker at ease, making exchanges simpler and more effective. Listening is a valuable skill we are expected to develop […]

Clothes Encounters in the Capital Area

Christopher Massardo Nestled away in Ottawa’s small and trendy new Edinburgh area and just a stones throw away from the riche Rockcliffe area is the fairytale worthy boutique of any fashionista or fashionisto’s dreams.  Clothes Encounters of a Second Time is a store like no other in Ottawa located in a house with the basement and main floor […]