The Key to Creating a Sustainable Stress-free Future

Leslie Bennett, Leadership and Coach Facilitator Pain and stress usually go hand in hand. The key to relieving stress begins with understanding it. The Canadian Mental Health Association suggests many people believe stress is an event that happens to them such as an injury or a promotion. Others believe stress is our response to an […]

Once a Schmuck, Twice a Pervert; OR Keeping Your Job AND Your Dignity

Kyle Bernstein As humans in the world, interacting with other humans, it’s normal to sometimes feel like a “schmuck”.  Maybe you misspoke or inadvertently insulted someone or did something you’re not proud of to get your way and you feel like crap afterward.  Maybe it was PMS, deadline stress, or one too many Cosmos at […]

Dealing with Holiday Stress

Jessica Ireland Happy Holidays! Or more like hectic holidays for many women. While the holidays can mean joyful events bringing family and friends together, it can also mean cooking a dinner, decorating the house and trying to fit in as many events as possible. A lot of this stress can be a result of expectations.           […]

Seven Critical Mistakes Working Women Make, Part I

Iris Benrubi Recently Lisa, a coaching client said to me: “Iris, they lied to me. They said I could have it all. They said I could have my family, work outside the home and be able to take care of it all. They lied.” If you are like most women, you feel the pressure of […]

Don't Sweat the Small Stuff

Beth Schael There is a saying that I have heard many people tell me all too often, “Don’t sweat the small stuff”. Yes, the primary focus of this saying to not worry about the small stresses that come in and out of your life. Not so literally, you do not have to sweat in order […]