Work Clothes – Interviews, Meetings and All That Jazz (Courtesy of Polyvore)

Cynthia Cheng These days, different companies and industries have different expectations of what is considered acceptable.  If you work in media, for example, it’s quite possible that your work wardrobe is much more casual than someone who is an accountant or a lawyer.  Here are some examples of outfits I’ve put together through Polyvore (got […]

James VII, Part II

Cynthia Cheng A couple of months ago, Prospere Magazine followed Sherry, a petite, hard-to-fit woman to James VII, a custom shirt designer, where she had a made-to-measure shirt created.  Recently, Sherry went in for a fitting.  The shirt she tried on was actually a shell made based on the measurements taken at the original fitting. […]

James VII Shirts – A fitting, Part I

Cynthia Cheng  A few weeks ago, Prospere Magazine posted an article about James VII and its custom-made dress shirts.  Prospere Magazine offered a chance for people to get a free made-to-measure shirt by sending in e-mails stating why they’re considered hard-to-fit, and a name was picked from there. Recently, the winner, Sherry, went into the James […]