Summer Heat and Clothing: What Keeps You Cool?

It’s July and the temperature is climbing.  With the humidity, the weather is usually hotter than the “official” temperature and we all need to keep cool somehow.  Therefore, this week, Prospere Magazine is asking you: [poll id=”133″]

Christine Marchuska: Designer, Philanthropist & Enviromentalist

Christine Marchuska made a big career move this year. After six years of working in the financial industry, she was ready for something different. Being unsatisfied with the amount of “green” clothing available in boutiques, Christine decided that it was time for her to realize a childhood dream of combining fashion, business, philanthropy and the […]

SingleTease to Success

Cynthia Cheng Friends Kristin Moore and Tamara Lawrence often wondered why it was so difficult to talk to men.  They would make eye contact, yet the guys did not respond.  Sometimes, they wondered whether the guys even thought they were single!  That was when SingleTease was born.  Launched in the March 2007, every SingleTease item […]