Anne Kiel:From Peace Corp to Jewellery Design

Prior to launching her line of jewellery in 2007, University of Texas at Austin alumna, Anne Kiel served in the Peace Corp.  In fact, it was her service which influenced her to go into the jewellery-making business.  Acccording to her bio, she never thought that jewellery-making was something that she wanted to do, but witnessing the sense of […]

Blockbuster Inc.: From Tiny Texas Shop to International Entertainment Company

It’s hard to believe that Blockbuster (NYSE: BBI) will be celebrating its 25th anniversary in a year.  The video chain, which started in Texas in 1985, was one of the first video rental companies in the world.  The company opened its first store in Texas, but soon expanded across the United States and then the world. […]

Bailout Bill: Votes and Region

UPDATE 2: The House of Representatives has passed the “bailout bill” 263-171. The vast majority of Democrats were for the bill (172 to 63) while a slight majority of Republicans were against the bill (91 for, 108 against). UPDATE: On the evening of Wednesday, October 1, the Senate approved the revised version of the “bailout […]