Quick Holiday Cooking Tips

Logan Niles With money being tight all over and holiday festivities feeling the squeeze here are a handful of great holiday food and party tips to keep you from getting “Scrooged” out of a good time. Share and Share Alike It seems the days of cookie swaps are fading as we become more health conscious […]

Wedding Make-up: Should You Do it Yourself?

Leah Andrew and Andrea Lown If you’re planning DIY makeup for your wedding, stop in at one of the many makeup counters at your local department store. Tell the makeup artist you are interested in learning how to do a neutral yet elegant and sophisticated look for your big day.  Ask for tips on subtle […]

Please Conceal This!

Ying Hsu Are you suffering from dark circles under the eyes?  Either not enough sleep or you cursed for genetic dark shadows from Mom or Dad?  One day you look into the mirror and you just noticed this huge red volcano of a pimple.  Where did it come from?  You have a hot date tomorrow […]

Smartbride's Top 5 Wedding Gown Picks

Editor’s Note: Each week, Prospere Magazine will be connecting to a post from Smartbride Boutique, a site which connects brides, past and present to easily sell or purchase wedding-related items.  Smartbride Boutique’s blog offers a variety of tips, including their top dress picks and other wedding-related topics.  Please note that these articles part of the […]

Mistakes Working Women Make, Finale

Not making conscious choices! Ever notice yourself driving from one destination to another without knowing how you got there?  Ever get on the bus or subway and get so preoccupied with your thoughts and miss your stop?  This is an example of living life unconsciously.  We are focusing so much on either the past or […]

Mistakes Working Women Make (formerly Seven Critical Mistakes Working Women Make)

Iris Benrubi Not challenging the images, expectations and role models society gives you! As I mentioned in the introduction, we are bombarded with messages that tell us how we should live and look, and what we should do and own in order to be happy.  We make a big mistake when we ‘buy’ the message […]