Australia’s Gorgeous Beaches

Tourism Australia There’s nothing like Australia’s beaches! Did you know that Australia’s coastline is linked by more than 10,000 beaches?  More than any other country in the world! Whether it’s a getaway at a new resort lavish enough for royalty, or a beachside tent, Australia has coastal getaways like no other. With so many beachside […]

Peak Historical Gallery and Tram Video

Until the 1880s, the only way to get up to the Peak was by sedan chair.  The tram, which took three years to build, finally opened in 1888 and ran on steam engine.  In the 1920s, it was replaced by electricity.  Originally used to take British expats to their homes, today, the tram carries over […]

Medieval Portugal, Part I – Lisbon

K. Lau Lisbon was founded by Phoenicians who landed on their seaborne travels in 1200 BC. It then became a regular stop on the route to northern Europe for traders from the Mediterranean: Greeks, Carthaginians and eventually Romans, who conquered the city in 138 AD. When under Arab rule in 714 it was named Lissabona. […]

Travelling Around the World – Istanbul, Turkey

Veronica Jiminez Istanbul, Turkey is a country of many contrasts. The city, located on both sides of the Bosporus, separating Europe and Asia, is connected by two bridges. The heritage of Istanbul is very diverse. Turkey, founded by Constantine the Great is 324 AD (although the site of ancient Byzantium as far back as 650BC), […]