Toronto's Transit is OLD SCHOOL!

We all know it.  The 416’s transit system is way behind the times, even of the surrounding 905 suburbs.  Yet, right now, all we can do is sit around and complain – because the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) people are doing nothing about it.  Instead, all they say is that they “don’t have the money.” […]

Peak Historical Gallery and Tram Video

Until the 1880s, the only way to get up to the Peak was by sedan chair.  The tram, which took three years to build, finally opened in 1888 and ran on steam engine.  In the 1920s, it was replaced by electricity.  Originally used to take British expats to their homes, today, the tram carries over […]

Travel: Hong Kong Series

Cynthia Cheng Hong Kong Harbour in the evening.  Picture © YTWong/istockphoto Prospere Magazine will be writing a series of articles about Hong Kong starting Saturday, December 19.  Hong Kong, a Special Administrative Region of China, reverted back to Chinese rule in 1997 after 99 years as a British Colony.  As a result of colonialism, the culture […]

Career Profile: Aynsley Deluce

Aynsley Deluce has two jobs.  Though both jobs allow her to work from home (she also has access to office space for both), they couldn’t be more different.  One of her jobs is a partner for, a company which connects people with parking to those who need it.   It is essentially a database where people across […]

A Road Trip to Port Stanley

Cayley Pozza Everyone loves a nice relaxing vacation- but during this crucial stage of ‘penny pinching’, not everyone can afford that ultimate trip to Hawaii. So why not take a summer road trip and explore one of Ontario’s own, the quaint beaches of Port Stanley.

Prince Edward Island: A Tiny Island with a Huge Heart

Sabrina Ramnanan Coining Prince Edward Island The Gentle Island was no arbitrary decision. This quaint Canadian province can enchant even the most city-frazzled Torontonian. Known for its delicious seafood, Anne of Green Gables, lush green golfing courses, gorgeous beaches and cozy B&Bs, this little island should be on your destination list.   For a real taste […]

International Cuisine: Denmark

Logan Niles While driving cross country from Germany to Jutland, Denmark  it’s hard to imagine that pork is the main stay of the Danish diet. With nary a pig in sight amidst the wild lilac bushes, horse pastures, Lego Land and the constant whirl of electricity producing windmills, Denmark leads the industry in green wind […]

Sisters Celebrate 10 Years of Female-Targeted Mobile Lifestyle Bags

Casauri, a Florida-based business, has been selling attractive bags for business (e.g. laptop bags), predominantly targeting women for 10 years.  Back when the company started in the late 1990s, laptop bags, beyond “basic black” were hard to find.  Emily McHugh was an MBA student at Columbia when her sister, Helena, a student at the Fashion Institute of Technology  made Emily a bag which got […]

The Eatery: Where Creativity and Sushi Meet

Simon Miller Sit in the Eatery and try not to stare at everything around you.  From the six foot long papier-mâché shark, octopus, and super hero hanging from the ceiling, to the hiply dressed servers, to the interesting food being served to the table beside you, everything is unique. 

Swellwomen Surfing & Yoga Retreat

Lynn Burshtein The word “swell” can refer to an ocean wave generated from a distant source, or, in more common parlance, a description of something fantastic. For Me-Shell Mijangos, founder of the Maui-based surfing & yoga retreat, Swellwomen (along with its co-ed counterparts, Swell Co-ed), the dual meanings of the word complement one another. A […]