Majestic Mountains: Red Mountain Resort & Spa

Lynn Burshtein If happiness were a colour, it would be the colour of Red Mountain – more specifically the russet-hued rocks located in St. George, Utah on the northeastern tip of the Mojave Desert. Its epic scenery surely makes this one of the more picturesque places on earth. Indeed, it is as if the area […]

Cynthia on Women-Only Hotel Floors

There was a time when women staying alone in hotels stayed on women’s floors or in women-only facilities.  Things have changed in the past few decades, but it looks like the woman-only floor is may be making a comeback, according to a Globe and Mail article.  Many women stayed on women-only floors or hotels in […]

Poll Results: Travelling Continues!

Last week, Prospere Magazine asked whether you had plans to go away for the holiday season.  Some of you (25%) said that you were going somewhere away from family and/or friends for the holiday season, while 16.7% said that you were visiting family/friends.  At the same time, 41.7% said you have plans to go away, […]

Travelling Around the World – Istanbul, Turkey

Veronica Jiminez Istanbul, Turkey is a country of many contrasts. The city, located on both sides of the Bosporus, separating Europe and Asia, is connected by two bridges. The heritage of Istanbul is very diverse. Turkey, founded by Constantine the Great is 324 AD (although the site of ancient Byzantium as far back as 650BC), […]