Betty White's SNL Somewhat Disappointing

It looks like many of you didn’t fully enjoy Betty White’s performance on Saturday Night Live.  About 43% (42.9%) said that you liked the show, but it wasn’t as good as it you thought.  No one thought it was the best show they’ve seen in a while nor did anyone say that they’ve never heard […]

Did You Watch Betty White on SNL?

Earlier this year, some people started a Facebook group trying to get Saturday Night Live to have Betty White host the show. Though they were reluctant at first, they eventually gave in and Ms. White hosted this past Saturday. So, our Prospere Magazine question this week is: [poll id=”125″]

The Tonight Show Should Go!!

Last week, Prospere Magazine asked its readers whether NBC should retire the Tonight Show when Jay comes back to the 11:35 slot in March.  Out of all of you who participated in the poll, 66.7% of you believed the name needed to go; 13.7% of you thought that the name should stay, since it’s been […]

Half Believe Oprah Will Start New Network, as Announced

Results are in!  50% believe that Oprah will, after next season, start her own network as announced (as well as concentrate on her other projects).  16.7% of you think she will “pull a Leno” and actually start another version of her show and 33.3% do not know who Oprah is. What do you think of […]

Poll: What's Next for Oprah?

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Michael Jackson's Memorial Service

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Celebrity Apprentice: Did Joan Deserve the "win"?

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Game? What Game? It was Just Another Sunday!

Last week, Prospere Magazine asked its readers: What are your plans for Super Bowl weekend? Over half of you (55.6%), said that it was just another Sunday.  You didn’t have plans to watch The Big Game, nor were you planning a “girls’ night” with friends (only 5.6% had a girls’ night) while your male significant others were […]