Smart, Sophisticated City Dwellers and Interracial Unions

Cynthia Cheng Interracial couples are “happenin’” in cities across the country.  According to this Toronto Star article, 5.1% of all city-dwelling couples were interracial, while 0.5% of all non-city people were.  Vancouver has the most mixed relationships, at 8.5%.  The city factor is not surprising, since demographically, minorities are more likely to live in cities […]

Burhemian Chic, California Cool

Cynthia Cheng California-based Ettika, a line of jewellery started by Ettie Rafeili and Joey Rafeili is an all-American brand inspired by their surroundings in Los Angeles.  Every colour of the rainbow can be found in this collection, which includes not only bracelets, but anklets, earrings and keychains as well.  The pieces which have both a bohemian […]

Poll: The Prospere Magazine Reader and Public Transportation

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Cynthia's Thoughts: Will "Old Line" Conservatives Ever Come Back?

Does one’s education affect how one votes?  It’s interesting how people’s political preferences have shifted in the past few decades.  Traditionally, people who voted for the more conservative candidate tended to be MORE educated.  In many countries, including Canada, the US and the UK, those who historically voted for conservative candidates tended to be well-educated […]