Immigration Sob Stories Boring and Not Interesting

Cynthia Cheng Why is it that every story the media report on regarding immigrants has to be borderline depressing?  It’s always about not being able to find jobs, or kids not fitting in.  Going as far back as movies like the Jazz Singer, the immigrant child always has some sort of culture clash with the […]

Women's Hockey and the Olympics

Cynthia Cheng Since the day women’s hockey became an Olympic sport in 1998, people have been criticizing it.  People believe that the game is only very developed in two countries: Canada and the United States, and therefore does not have a place in the Games because it lacks competition.  They say that it’s very likely […]

Lack of Exposure, Just Like Me Syndrome or Something More?

Cynthia Cheng The Jezebel and Big Bad Baby Names (registration required to read this board) posts about the “racist” KFC ads in Australia have me thinking.  Is the very reason that American commenters not understanding the fact that Australians did not see the ad as racist a misunderstanding or something else (just a backgrounder: the […]

Peace Prize for Obama: Over 73% Don't Think He's Ready

Last week, Prospere Magazine asked its readers whether they thought that US President deserved the Nobel Peace Prize.  Over 73% of our readers (at 73.7%), thought that he hasn’t done enough in his Presidency to get one.  10.5% thought that he did deserve it and 15.8% were indifferent.  What do you think of the results?

Does President Obama Deserve the Nobel Peace Prize?

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The US Auto Industry: Ready for Absolute Collapse?

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Half Believe Hillary was a Good Choice for Secretary of State

Last week, Prospere Magazine’s poll question asked: What do you think of Barack Obama’s choice of Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State? According to the results, 50% of you believed that Obama made a good choice in picking Mrs. Clinton, while another 25% believed the appointment was a consolation prize for not being picked Vice-President.  […]