Vermont Couple Carves Solutions with Soaps and Candles

Dawn Lancaster and her husband, Mike, have created a line  soaps and candles called Carved Solutions after 20 years of working a 9 to 5 job.  Incorporated just over three years ago, the soaps and candles are eco-friendly, custom-created and locally made, the products have an elegant feel and are perfect for gifts this holiday season. Soaps […]

Photo Tiles bring out Elemental Memories

Elemental Memories is a line of photo tile jewellery created by Lisa Laverty, who has always had an interest in art.  Whether it’s recreating something new from an old outfit, painting walls or anything else, there’s always something to create or recreate.  In addition, Lisa has a BFA in Art Education. The idea to start Elemental […]

Jessica DeCarlo: Brooklyn Based, Internationally Inspired

Jessica DeCarlo, who started making jewellery when she was very young launched her line, Jessica DeCarlo Designs this past spring. Through her studies at St. Michael’s College in Vermont, Academia Italiana and an internship at Metallo Nobile in Florence Italy (where she was doing PR/Marketing), she developed a unique style, creating timeless-looking pieces that definitely […]