Petite-Related Websites Growing, But Not Fast Enough

Cynthia Cheng In 2002, I started an unsuccessful message board where women lacking height can discuss their issues.  Because of its name, it was soon inundated with inappropriate spam posts, prompting me to close the site.  A few years later, I launched Shorty Stories.   Things have changed since then.  Slowly, but surely, new sites have […]

Poll Thought Susan Boyle Would Do Well in BGT

Last week, Prospere Magazine asked its readers whether they thought Susan Boyle could go all the way.  Most readers thought she would go all the way (at 33.1%) and another 31.6% thought she COULD (but there’s a lot of competition).  26.3% of you said that it’s pure luck that she made it to the finals, […]

Poll Question: Will Susan Boyle Win Britain's Got Talent?

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