California Woman Vlogs Mediterranian Cuisine

Cynthia Cheng   Can a former pre-med turned law student turned real estate broker become a vlogging chef?  Sure!  Denise Hazime, originally from Michigan, moved to Los Angeles a few years ago.  The American born child of immigrant parents from Lebanon, Denise was unable to find decent food from her heritage in LA.  She, therefore, started to make her own […]

Cynthia's Thoughts: Mini Generation Gaps

I read an article in the Wall Street Journal earlier this week about the work place, entitlement and the Millennial generation. Apparently, Millennials are spoiled rotten, and want to move up quickly. At the same time, the Globe and Mail recently published an article about 30-somethings (which would be part of Generation X) who are […]

Cynthia's Thoughts: Morning MBA Programs

The percentage of women in business schools, at an average of 30%, is much lower than that of medical (49%) and law schools (47%).  A big part of this is because typical MBA programs require work experience prior to applying.  Prospective female applicants are generally entering their prime marriage/child bearing years at that time.

Cynthia's Thoughts: MySpace and the Wall Street Journal? Huh?

More and more newspapers have added social bookmarking to their articles, including The Wall Street Journal. Generally, the serious newspapers, such as The New York Times and the Globe and Mail, allow links to articles through traditional sites such as and as well as the social networking site, Facebook.  But the Wall Street […]