Niagara-on-the-Lake: Wine, Women & Spa

Lynn Burshtein Rich with tradition based on in its British heritage, the town of Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario has an old-world charm that has left even the most experienced travelers in awe. While taking a break from official business in 1943, Winston Churchill remarked that the Sunday drive along the Niagara Parkway was “the prettiest Sunday drive […]

True Restaurant’s Chicken Ballotinne

Prospere Magazine first came across True Restaurant in 2008 when it first opened in Yorkville.  This green and locovore-friendly restaurant has an amazing list of foods, ranging from pastas and pizzas to entrees like the chicken ballotine.  Stuffed with mixed nuts and dried fruit, the chicken is, in addition to the traditional potatoes and vegetables, […]

Scotch Whiskey: Still a ‘Man’ Drink

Cynthia Cheng At the Home for the Holidays event last week, I had my first experience of drinking scotch on the rocks.  Yeah.  Scotch Whiskey.  With Ice.  Nothing Else.  For a girl who usually sticks to wines and fruity cocktails, it was quite the experience.  It was really strong, for one and definitely an acquired […]

The Beauty of Beer: Why a pint can a party girl’s best friend

Kelly Ward In ancient Mesopotamia, female brew masters were among the most respected of citizens. Babylonians had priestesses brew their suds and reserved certain ales solely for spiritual ceremonies. And yet, in 2008, only 8% of women reported regularly choosing beer as their cocktail of choice, even though beer makes up 46% of all alcohol […]

Wine Soirée – A Great Tool to Accompany your Dinner Party

In today’s society, the need for something quick and easy (yet elegant at the same time) is very important, even when you’re serving wine at a nice dinner party.  Serving wine, especially red wine, often means pouring it into a decanter before pouring them into glasses for guests.  It was this process which gave Andrew Lazorchak and two of […]

Flourishing for a Good Cause

TU Dawood Wine aficionados, young professionals, urbanites and socialites gathered at Yorkville Thursday night for Flourish, a fundraising wine-tasting reception with gourmet hors d’oeuvres, all set to a contemporary jazz background. The welcoming ambiance of Manyata Courtyard in the lower atrium of Hazelton Lanes provided the perfect ambiance for guests to sample delectable treats, mingle […]

Summer’s Delightful Light Sippers

Felicia Fraser The essence of summer; Outdoor relaxing with these light sippers Roses are an easy way to start off an evening or an afternoon of fun. Easy and enjoyable roses have entered the Canadian market and are reasonably priced.

Travel: Wine Spas in The Americas and Europe

Robert Haynes-Peterson There are times I wake up feeling if my skin is oozing wine, or whichever spirit I inhaled at the previous night’s soiree. Now luxe spas in vine regions around the world are actually offering wine and vine-based treatments, providing a healthier definition of “booze soaked.” As more and more destinations-from Walla Walla, […]