SATC’s Universal Theme of Friendship (and Fab Fashion, Too)

Cynthia Cheng Sex and the City 2 opens in theatres across North America this Thursday.  While there are plenty of women who are looking forward to dressing up to the nines to see this movie with their best girlfriends, there are also those who are going to abstain.  Many women find the movie not only […]

Bound Feet in China Circa 1900s vs. Niqabs in Quebec Circa Now

Cynthia Cheng My great-grandmother had bound feet.  Almost every girl in China had it done in those days, a very painful procedure.  This was eventually outlawed with the fall of the Qing Dynasty and the birth of the new Republic in 1911 (though there were plenty of rural women who continued with the procedure – […]

Women's Hockey and the Olympics

Cynthia Cheng Since the day women’s hockey became an Olympic sport in 1998, people have been criticizing it.  People believe that the game is only very developed in two countries: Canada and the United States, and therefore does not have a place in the Games because it lacks competition.  They say that it’s very likely […]

Sar Couture by Sarah Nicol: Custom Made Clothing For Every Woman

Fashion was something Sarah Nicol was interested in all her life.  As a child, she would be watching fashion-related TV shows while other kids were into cartoons. Later, as a teenager, she decided that she wanted to create a line of clothing which would be custom-made so that it would look good on every woman, regardless of shape or size.  […]

Grey Gardens: A Reflection of How Women’s Expectations Have Changed

Last weekend, I saw the premier of the HBO TV movie, Grey Gardens.  This is a fictionalized account of the Edie Beales, a mother (“Big Edie,” played in the movie by Jessica Lange) and daughter (“Little Edie,” played by Drew Barrymore), who went from high society New York to living in a house that was […]

Barbie is 50, but the Criticism Doesn't Stop

Barbie celebrates her 50th birthday this month.   Yes, the blonde fashion doll is half a century old this year.  Making her debut in March 1959, Barbara Millicent Roberts has been criticized over the past decades as being a “bad influence” on girls.  Ranging from her proportions (a “real life” Barbie would be about 5’9″ with […]

For Dress Shirts, Fit is the Thing

Cynthia Cheng   Clothing sizes is always an issue, for men and for women.  Mike Davie, founder of James VII, a Toronto-based custom clothing business for men is about to branch out to women’s dress shirts.  Since custom shirts are made-to-measure, the look and fit is much better for the wearer – he or she […]

Destination: Water – Toronto Designer Launches Bathing Suit Line

Destineau, Cristin Lazier’s mommy-daughter bathing suit line had its first trunk show at the Toronto Lawn Tennis Club on January 25, 2008.  The line, whose name is a hybrid of “destination” and the French word for water, “eau”,  consists of seven suits for adults, with two of the suits coming in girls’ sizes (2-6).  The event […]

Seven Mistakes Women Make – Part Two: Not Nurturing Oneself Enough

Iris Benrubi Webitor’s Note: This is the second instalment of Iris Benrubi’s “Seven Mistakes Women Make.”  The first part can be found here. 3. Not valuing yourself enough to nurture you! The third critical mistake working women make is that they treat themselves as though they are second class citizens, and their place in the […]

Prospere Magazine Poll Results July 14 to July 21: Women and the MBA

    It’s not surprising that 40% of you said: Timing.  Most people go directly to law or medical school, while students are in their late 20s/early 30s when they get their MBA.  That’s when women start thinking about marriage/family.