California Woman Vlogs Mediterranian Cuisine

Cynthia Cheng   Can a former pre-med turned law student turned real estate broker become a vlogging chef?  Sure!  Denise Hazime, originally from Michigan, moved to Los Angeles a few years ago.  The American born child of immigrant parents from Lebanon, Denise was unable to find decent food from her heritage in LA.  She, therefore, started to make her own […]

40% Meh on the Google Phone

Out of those surveyed last week, 40% of you are Blackberry users and don’t really care too much about the Google phone.  20% don’t think it’s going to “kill” the iPhone, since Google doesn’t have the iTunes advantage.  Another 20% believe that it’s just more competition.  10% think iPhone sales will drop significantly (since everyone […]

Google's Smartphone: iPhone Killer?

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Prospere Magazine TV Teaser

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Networking is Working on the Net!

Lisa McDonald In this electronic age we have found ourselves in, how many of us get lost in all the chatter? Did you see my Facebook quiz answers? What’s your status? Did they add me as a friend….? How many of us actually use these tools to our advantage? Who knew that this is all […]

United Breaks Guitars: Band Battles Airline Through Song

Sons of Maxwell frontman, Dave Carroll created the above YouTube video responding to an issue he had with United Airlines last year.  On his way to a concert, his $3,500 guitar was severely damaged due to mishandling by baggage staff.